Photography Speed Project, 2013


How do we act in public space?


Can space change the behaviours or people’s appearance?


In public space people behave differently as in private space.

Public- private is a speed project. To implement the project, I had only two hour’s time, this was an important part for the project, to show the transformation in real time.  Everyone knows the scenarios, when coming home from work jumping from suit into pans. I choose four characters that I meet on my way home, to be prototypes of my photo work.  Four characters who are changing their behaviours while changing the room from public to private. I planned every step of my transformation.

The first setting is a store window where the characters are covering themselves and wearing the masks because of social conventions.

The transgender person hides his gender.

The housewife in the store shop is concealing her stress as working mum.

The actor is shining and laughing not showing the frustrations or depressions.

The second setting is on the balcony, a place that can be seen, people are private but maybe the neighbour is watching, this fact leads us to cover ourselves.

The third space seems to be the most private one. My camera is an observer, so the viewers of my photography at least become the watcher of the most private actions.