“Fractal de Subconscient”

Performative Installation, 2016

ESADMM, Marseille




Basically the idea was to create a media which leads the audience from their conscious, to the invisible place of unconsciousness mind.

Therefore I created an interactive INSTALLATION, where golden Balloons  where placed all over the space and were filled with poems from Dan Millman, out of the book: ”The Laws of Spirit”


„The laws of spirit belong to each of us, they are found within our hearts and lie at the hearts of every religion, culture and moral system. They expand the perspectives and provide the leverage to change the course of life”. (Dan Millman)


The installation disappeared, after all the balloons where burst by the audience. This procedure symbolized the ongoing process of nature, beause even the tiniest cells of an organism is born to die and at the same time cells were designed to live to the highest good of the organism.


The Painting shows a skull head which can be interpreted as a mirror of a depressed soul which is facing the tragedy of his life. Someone who was caught in a corner of believers of others guiltiness, accusations and the feeling that everything in life went wrong. The drawing was the starting point of the performance and should visualize that every enlightening journey to the higher Self, starts buy focusing the inner conflicts one has to overstep, in order to find the way of pure awakening.



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